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L'eurodiputada gal·lesa del Plaid Cymru, que és membre de l'aliança European Free Alliance va venir a Catalunya el 13D i ha publicat les seves reflexions al seu bloc:

En Miquel Marzabal i Galano, fundador d'Holanda Decideix va deixar-li un missatge donant-li les gràcies:
Dear Mrs. Evans,

Thank you very much for helping Catalonia in its struggle for justice, freedom and democracy (that as you could see will lead to independence). In 1706 England signed the Treaty of Utrecht, breaking its promise (Treaty of Genova) of protecting Catalonia against the Spanish -French absolutist invader.
Left alone, Catalonia lost the war against Spain and France and Philipe d’Anjou became the first absolutist king of Spain and banned our freedom, our government, our Parliament, our culture and our language.
Ever since 1714 we have never gained back our freedom, justice and we have never enjoyed full democracy, even though we thought we had.
What they call democracy since 1977 is just partial democracy in a prison called Spain.
Obviously the Spaniards feel free in this prison, in which Catalans and Basques are chained to Spain whether we like it or not.

We need the support of international politicians that understand that this is not fair. We ought to have the right to decide freely whether we want to be part of Spain or not. And believe me, the only time democracy was really free in the last 300 years, that was a very short time, the time of the Spanish Republics, that resulted in an independent Catalan state. After discussions with the Spanish government the Catalans agreed to become an independent state within a Spanish federal union.

Believe me, the federal option is obsolete. It is now time to break the chains for ever. 300 years of absolutist regimes, dictatorships, wars against us and cultural genocide have been enough. And today we can see that no matter the PSOE or PP are in charge of the Spanish government, measures against our language, against our participation in international competitions and against our economy remain. Participation in international sports, Oscars, Eurovision song festival, literature, etc are blocked and will remain blocked if we remain under Spain. Today we can see how any investments in infrastructures are minimised and theirs are maximised. We pay much more but get much less. The Spanish investments in Catalonia are far below the average in Spain. As a result of this Catalonia is in disadvantage and it is loosing year after year.
The airport of Barcelona has an Embargo as the Spanish authorities have signed more than 150 contracts with airlines, prohibiting them to fly intercontinental to or from Barcelona.
Can you imagine, how the economy of The Netherlands would be if its airports were not allowed to have intercontinental flights?
I can carry on for hours with several measures Spain takes against us. There are hundreds of them. From the past but also from today, imposing the Spanish language, neglecting the Catalan one.

I hope the understanding of international politicians will help. Because as Spain wants and needs to play the game of democracy in Europe they will have to accept that this can only be taken seriously if they play the game of democracy inside Spain. And European pressure will help to temper their authoritarian bad habits.

But the most important now is to convince and inform the Catalan citizens themselves, that they do not need any more to fear for military interventions from Spain and to inform them of everything we can gain if we become an independent state. Many Catalans are asleep and don’t realise in what ways many aspects of daily life will be better with an independent state. Because they are so used not having all these things that citizens of independent states take for granted.
Feel free to read my English blog if you are interested.
Best regards,
Miquel Marzabal i Galano
Organiser of the referendum for independence in Holland (http://holandadecideix.blogspot.com)

Thank you!
Miquel Marzabal i Galano

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